Fresh WASG information

Dear WASG 2018 pilots

Here is the latest info from organization team:

For those who still did not received the payment instruction or did not the payment…
thank you for your registration. Here are the payment information:

– The starting fee is 100 EUR for WW2/pilot and 105 EUR for WW2+WW1/pilot.
– This is only the starting fee. Accomodation etc. will be paid directly on airfield
– if you want to use PayPal, send the payment to
– if you want to use bank transfer, use the following bank account:

for Czech pilots: please send 2500 CZK to 2801364321/2010
(pro piloty z ČR: 2500 CZK převodem na účet č. 2801364321/2010. Do zprávy pro příjemce uveďte vaše jméno – nutné pro identifikaci platby)

for internationla payments: IBAN:CZ0220100000002801364321, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX

please, put your name into the message for receiver – important for pair your payment

All pilots must have valid liability insurance for damage to health and property with a minimum payment threshold of 0.5 mil. €. For all pilots who do not prove that they have insurance or haveinsurance with a lower insurance limit, the possibility of insurance will be provided directly at the airport (at the place of WASG 2018). This insurance is valid in the EU territory for one year. The insurance will be settled on August 14th until 3pm. The time is very important to make insurance valid for next day! The insurance price is 58.3€ including a bank deposit fee. Price should be slightly adjusted with respect to the current € / CZK exchange rate. Payment in cash!

All following fees will be payed directly at the contest place.
See page Insurance for details.
See page Download for more info about local laws.


Camp fees:
Pilots: included in registration fee
Others: 3 eur / day
Tent: 2 eur / day
Caravan 5,8eur / day
Electricity: Final bill should be splited between contestants.


At place will be possible to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pilot party:

From legal reasons we can offer just soft drinks, but usage of your own drinks is allowed.
Pilots: free entry
Others 5 eur
Facilities: Catering, Live music

Contest schedule:

14.8. arrival, models acceptance, training, briefing, insurance checking,  safety rules confirmation
15.-18.(19.).8. contest (under weather conditions)
18. or 19.8. departure (under weather conditions)
friday 17.8. evening pilot party with live music
one day is reserve if will be bad weather

Organization of fights:

WWII – 5 rounds for all, 3 rounds for semifinal flights, 1 round final flight (max. 7 pilots in heat)
WWI – 4 rounds for all, 2 or 3 rounds for semifinal flights, 1 round final flight (max 6 pilots in heat)
We assume one final flight for .15 engine (E or IC) models (Topfighter)


WWII Place 1-7 ( Finalists)
WWI Place 1-6 ( Finalists)
WWII Topfighter 1-3 ( topfighter are all models with .15 engines (E or IC) single engine or twin.

Medals or cups:

Best women 1-3
Youngest pilot
Oldest pilot
Diplomas for all

Rules for contest will be standard international.

As a World Aircombat Scale Games event, we would like to keep top position of the category Please, follow the rules and prepare your planes accordingly. Make right shape of model parts, paint the canopy, use motor cowl, make right painting and decorations, right size of streamers catchers etc. If you are not sure your plane is according rules, send us an photo and model name and we can provide consideration in advance.

We are looking forward to see you in August

WASG 2018 organization team

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