All pilots must have valid liability insurance for damage to health and property with a minimum payment threshold of 0.5 mil. €. For all pilots who do not prove that they have insurance or have insurance with a lower insurance limit, the possibility of insurance will be provided directly at the airport (at the place of WASG 2018).
This insurance is valid in the EU territory for one year.
The insurance will be settled on August 14th until 3pm. The time is very important to make insurance valid for next day! The insurance price is 58.3€ including a bank deposit fee. Price should be slightly adjusted with respect to the current € / CZK exchange rate. Payment in cash!

Pojistný formulář (vzor) / Insurance form (original example) PDF CZ
Pojistný formulář (vzor s EN komentářem) / Insurance form (example with comments) PDF CZ+EN
Všeobecné pojistné podmínky / General terms and conditions PDF CZ, PDF EN
Doplňkové pojistné podmínky / Additional insurance conditions PDF CZ, PDF EN
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