Contest schedule:
14.8. arrival, models acceptance, training, briefing, insurance checking,  safety rules confirmation
15.-18.(19.).8. contest (under weather conditions)
18. or 19.8. departure (under weather conditions)
friday 17.8. evening pilot party with live music
one day is reserve if will be bad weather

It is possible to arrive earlier (from Sunday 12th), but keep in your mind please, that organizers can organize camping during Tuesday 14th. So position of your tent or caravan can be changed.

Organization of fights:
WWII – 5 rounds for all, 3 rounds for semifinal flights, 1 round final flight (max. 7 pilots in heat)
WWI – 4 rounds for all, 2 or 3 rounds for semifinal flights, 1 round final flight (max 6 pilots in heat)
We assume one final flight for .15 engine (E or IC) models (Topfighter)

Pilot party:
From legal reasons we can offer just soft drinks, but usage of your own drinks is allowed.
Pilots: free entry
Others: 5 €
Facilities: Catering, Live music (“Harley” man with pretty black hair girl 🙂 )



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