WASG 2018 is over

WASG 2018 skončil
Děkujeme všem závodníkům za předvedené souboje. Velký dík patří sponzorům a všem, kteří se podíleli na organizaci tohoto světového šampionátu. Podle reakcí zúčastněných se celá akce podařila na výbornou a nastavila laťku všem budoucím mezinárodním soutěžím v aircombatu.

WASG 2018 is over
Thank to all fighters for their aircombat show. Great thanks go to the sponsors and all those involved in the organization of this world championship. According to the reactions of the participants, the whole event was successful and set the bar for all future international competitions in the aircombat.

Airport dinning / Stravování na letišti

Pilots, the airport will be very well equipped at all times with a mobile refreshment stand – a meal (sausages, … like you know from city festivals etc.), drinks (drafted and bottled beverages). It will be not bad quality, no frozen semi-finished products. It is possible to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the airport too. These meals will only be on order (they will be ordered at least two days in advance to determine the quantity and cool to cook).

Breakfast in the form of a buffet, gradually replenished (salami, cheese, vegetables, probably a warm couple, possibly fried egg, cake, sturgeon … of course not everyday everything).
Breakfast price 80Kč / person

Idea of menu (lunch / dinner):
14.8. only a stand, without the possibility of ordering food for this day
15.8. chicken steak with potato (1) / pork steak (2) with bread (10)
16.8. goulash (3) with side dish – slices of white bread dumpling (4) (and with pieces of sausage) / chicken steak (5) with bread (10)
17.8. pork (6), potato dumplings (7), boiled white cabbage (8) / pilot party
18.8. chicken pieces with rice (chinese style) (9) / only a stand, without the possibility of ordering food
19.8. only a stand, without the possibility of ordering food

Food can be for little bit exotic for foreign, so see pics to have idea what it is 🙂

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Fresh WASG information

Dear WASG 2018 pilots

Here is the latest info from organization team:

For those who still did not received the payment instruction or did not the payment…
thank you for your registration. Here are the payment information:

– The starting fee is 100 EUR for WW2/pilot and 105 EUR for WW2+WW1/pilot.
– This is only the starting fee. Accomodation etc. will be paid directly on airfield
– if you want to use PayPal, send the payment to payment@wasg2018.org
– if you want to use bank transfer, use the following bank account:

for Czech pilots: please send 2500 CZK to 2801364321/2010
(pro piloty z ČR: 2500 CZK převodem na účet č. 2801364321/2010. Do zprávy pro příjemce uveďte vaše jméno – nutné pro identifikaci platby)

for internationla payments: IBAN:CZ0220100000002801364321, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX

please, put your name into the message for receiver – important for pair your payment
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WASG 2018 registration

Dear pilots,
please, go ahead and fill out the registration form. We will confirm your registration within few days per e-mail and provide you with detailed instructions. Please, register as soon as posible. We are looking forward to see you in August at Suche airfield….

For more informations about payments and other details ask your 1.NC. We will send information email to them.


Registration form

WASG 2018 Information

Hello all,
here are few words to extend the Rampa’s comment below this post and explain the rumors about WASG 2018. New organistaion team was put together during few past days and is intensively and hard working to handle the current situation. We are starting from scratch, so we need arround 3 weeks to do all necessary calculations and basic preparation and then take the final decision. Our priority is to keep the time schedule, because we can imagine that number of pilots has already their holidays planned. What might change is the place (approx. 100 km in west direction). We will keep you informed as much and soon as possible. We will place all new information on this website and FB…
WASG 2018 organistation team